Demphoto, part of the M & D Creative Concepts Network, welcomes you to share our passion for Photography & Camera Equipment - both Digital & SLR, and learn to create high quality images whether you're a novice photographer or a more experienced Shutterbug. We have provided links to informational resources in the sidebar of articles which will assist the novice to learn the basics of digital photography to capture family events, use for scrapbooking, or sell online. We also have both information on selecting the camera for your needs as well as the information on the accessories needed (like how to select Memory Sticks).

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We also have a great interest in all things that fall under the category of Techie Toys! Handheld PCs, GPS systems, 2 way radios (we use ours all the time when traveling or on outings) as well as other consumer electronics with the accessories to get the most out of your toys and protective cases.

Demphoto will also have wood-working related items for sale from time to time as that is another passion of ours. We have heavily wooded acres and when nature fells a tree; we like to turn the wood into desireable rustic items for the home.


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